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Sail Week Croatia Release Their Signature Route for 2014

SWSail Week Croatia have released their 2014 itinerary for their most popular route with an early booking special.

Sail Week Croatia do skippered yacht holidays in Croatia aiming to make the holidays as easy as possible. Owned by Croatian Ante Zivkovic and Kiwi/Croatian Vincent (Vice) Radonich, Sail Week Croatia have a simple motto – to give tourists the ultimate Croatian experience. Where people can get the party experience on board the yachts, fun of competitive regattas, exploring hidden bays and treasures, and enjoying the best of Croatian food & wine.

“This was our signature route in 2013. Everyone loved it and the feedback was great, we are happy to be able to launch it again at such great value”, Vincent told Croatia Week.

The route Split-Hvar-Vis visits beautiful locations in central Dalmatia like Pakleni Otoci (Hvar) to the Blue Caves in Bisevo. “This route has it all, islands, party spots, chill out logans, cultural sites to great restaurants,… we take you to a Brac restaurant where you are eating the renowned peka style (traditional Croatian style roast) locally sourced lamb, ….. experience panoramic views of the islands located high in Biokovo …partying in the hottest spots in Hvar, …. to visiting secret secluded lagons)”, said Radonich. Click here to see the itinerary.


The experience they aim to offer is from a local perspective, meaning they give customers an authentic taste of Croatia by taking them to some of the best hidden bays and coves on the coast. With in-depth local knowledge they also give groups a traditional Croatian dining experience by taking them to authentic Croatian restaurants. The ultimate goal is for everyone to get the right mix: both party and chill out whilst taking in the way of life in Dalmatia.

Sail Week Croatia will be approaching their 2nd year and thought it appropriate to do it with an early booking special. “The discount makes this even greater value, it is for a limited time only, so I would recommend planning ahead, gathering your friends and taking advantage of it”.

Sail Week Croatia offer all-inclusive and fully transparent pricing, i.e. from breakfast to lunch to marina and berthing fees. All you need to do is get over there and the only other costs will be alcohol and evening meals. You can see their pricing plan here.

People can book single spots, cabins or the whole yacht. For full yacht bookings there are further discounts on enquiry so please contact them directly at: [email protected]

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