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Rimac’s Greyp company launches public ETO offering 


Mate Rimac (Photo: Greyp Bikes)

ZAGREB, 23 September 2019 – Croatian high tech mobility company Greyp, founded by Mate Rimac, has launched a public equity token offering (ETO) on Monday. 

Greyp is looking to raise up to 4.8 million euro in capital on blockchain-powered fundraising platform Neufund. The whitelisting was launched today with presales open for the next 14 days. The public sale will then open for 30 days. There is a 10% pre-sale discount being offered. 

According to the Neufund site, the equity token price is 0.1618 EUR. 

“Our vision is to use light electric vehicles, like the recently launched G6, as a development platform for all our software services. These services allow anyone to use or develop various blockchain enabled applications on top of connected vehicles, paving the way to the future of Economy of Things (EoT),” Greyp said in their pitch, before adding.

Greyp is a high tech mobility company working on some of the worlds most progressive markets. We have already been recognized by the likes of Porsche AG and the largest Asian battery manufacturer, Camel Group.  By using blockchain technology to tokenize our shares, we give the investors a new, modern way of investing, allowing for increased liquidity in the future secondary market as well as attracting multiple like-minded individuals who share our vision of future mobility.”

(Photo: Greyp Bikes)

For more details and how to invest you can visit the Neufund website. 

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