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‘Revolutionary’ Cedevita Drink Machines to be Placed Around Europe


Atlantic Grupa, owners of the Cedevita brand, have some revolutionary plans for the famous drink…

The company plans to place a number of self-service Cedevita drink machines in Zagreb, Ljubljana, Vienna and Salzburg by the end of this year. The placement of the machines will be the test phase of a project Atlantic Grupa hope will strengthen the brands image in Europe.

“It is a concept which is a innovation not only in the region, but on a world level,” major owner Emil Tedeschi told Tportal.

Cedevita vitamin point, which the machines will be called, will communicate with consumers via smartphone and tablet. Payment for the drinks will be able to be made via SMS, PayPal or cash.

Atlantic Grupa are hoping to take Cedevita to more markets around the world.

The first instant vitamin drink (Orange flavored Cedevita) was created in 1969, but production did not start until 1970. In 1985, the company launched lemon flavour, and in 1990, grapefruit. 1999 was the year for two new flavours, wild berries and apple. Other flavours include tropical, grape and mandarin. There is also a sugar-free version, started in 1985. A product line called “Cedevita Junior” was designed for children, with a higher percentage of vitamins and minerals.

According to data published by Atlantic Grupa, Cedevita is Atlantic’s best-selling brand. Cedevita is in the Consumer Healthcare Division, accounting for a 24% of the sales.

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