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Restaurant Review: Raw Food Club Elixir – Zagreb

By: SP

The Raw Food Club Elixir is located just opposite Ribnjak park in the centre of town. It is located in a former apartment which has high ceilings, great lighting, relaxed décor and beautiful views of Zagreb’s cathedral.

Not having been to a lot of raw food restaurants, I went there out of pure curiosity. A part of me expected to eat a salad and drink some juice and be on my way.  We were greeted by the owner  and she explained the food and drinks menu.  All the food is vegan with nothing being heated over 45 C to preserve Enzymes, minerals and vitamins.

We chose three courses.  The vegan version of sushi was simply divine. You can’t stop eating it. All the food is served beautifully and everything is just very yummy. The food is also very diverse including edible flowers and other interesting things on the menu. They also serve cakes and raw food pancakes, which are simply delicious. The food is fresh and seasonal. One thing I didn’t expect was that I left this restaurant full and very satisfied.

The owners also organise raw food workshops held in the restaurant. The restaurant is open from Wednesday to Saturday. If you are interested to try go to www.artofrawfood.com

Ribnjak 8
+385 1-561-7631
+385 91-164-1485

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