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Record interest from women in Croatia to join police force

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15 March 2019 – For the first time in history, the percentage of female recruits at the Croatian police academy school ‘Josip Jović’ is higher than 30%. 

“There is an extremely high interest from young girls, this year for the first time in the history of the police we have 30 percent of recruits who are female. Out 750 recruits at the police academy, 30 percent are girls. We have a demo team that demonstrates how to handle police weapons, and they do it extraordinarily and we are very proud of them,” Renata Odeljan, director of the ‘Josip Jović’ police academy school told HRT

The Istrian Police Administration and Police Academy are holding open days in Istria to present careers in the force, but also the equipment and techniques used on the job. A

Handling firearms, crime scene evidence, official dog work, and martial arts are just some of the demonstration exercises that are being shown at the Police Open Days in Istria. The interest has been big with more and more girls wanting to take up the job.  

Education at the academy lasts for 12 months and is divided into two parts – a theoretical and practical part. After all the theoretical work and the knowledge acquired, the recruits then join a police station where they can taste being a cop.

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