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Record-Breaking Heat Wave… in November… in Croatia


After a typical wet October, November is proving to be full of surprises in the weather department in Croatia with winter just around the corner. So much so that in some parts records have fallen…

On Monday, according to the state Met Office (DHMZ), the north-western town of Ogulin measured 27.2°C, which was the highest November temperature since measures began in 1949. Until yesterday the warmest November day there was in 1977 when temperatures rose to 24.7°C.

Records all fell on Medvednica mountain, just north of the capital Zagreb. Yesterday temperatures of 20.5°C were recorded on the typically cool mountain at this time of year, which was the warmest since measures began there at that point in 1981.

The Gorski kotar villiage of Parg, which has a cool and wet climate because of its location, measured 21.7°C on Monday, the warmest since 1977. Records also fell in Knin, where 25.8°C was measured on Sunday, the first time in history that it has happened after the first few days on November.

Some on the Croatian coast have taken to swimming to make the most of the autumn warm spell, which according to forecast looks set to stay around until Friday.

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