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Quality Croatian Tobacco Sought After On World Market

Croatian tobacco is rated second in Europe in terms of quality, and this means that the nation’s tobacco growers currently have their hands full, as demand from some of the world’s largest companies for their product continues to grow, reports daily Vecernji list.

Last year was one of the most difficult years climate wise for those in the agriculture industry, but despite the natural challengers, Croatian tobacco growers still managed to produce yields on a par with previous years when it came to quality.

“Once again it was proved that tobacco cultivation in extreme weather conditions can be successful,” said Mirko Boic, director of Croatian Tobacco.

“Croatian tobacco, which is purchased by some of the world’s biggest companies because for quality it is rated as the second best in Europe, and growers are currently preparing deals for this year’s crop. With respect to sales, there is no problem whatsoever. A lot more volume could be sold than what is actually available. Our subcontractors provide all the raw material and all the technical assistance and financial help for harvest and we expect an increase in production in Virginia and especially in Burley (US),” said Boic.

Boic says that last year 11.7 million kilograms of tobacco was produced, and the market has room for 20 million kilograms, adding that the he social component of the production of tobacco is very important as it employs a large number of people – around 700 hours of human labour per one hectare. For the same amount of wheat only 8-9 hours of human labour is required.

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