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Protestors Not Giving Up in Vukovar Over Serbian Cyrillic Signs

vukovar_Tensions continue to boil over in the Croatian town of Vukovar on Tuesday after dual Latin and Serbian Cyrillic signs go up on official buildings around the town.

Around 1,000 protestors have gathered in the town, but have promised that there will not be a repeat of the violence that ensured on Monday when police officers were injured as protestors attacked the signs with hammers. “Today we will not smash the signs because we have information that the police will act against us, and since there are a lot of invalids, widows, women and young kids here, we do not want to create a scene or violence,”  said organisers. A member of the Initiative for the Defence of Croatian Vukovar, Vlado Iljkic, has pleaded with the government to impose a moratorium of three to six months on the placement of the signs which have upset locals in the town.

“People in the rest of Croatia say that 20 years has passed and the war needs to end. You can’t stop war in Vukovar. In the war I lost 9 members of my family, my son who was a policeman they took and killed and today I am I still looking for him. I came today to give my support to this protest,” said one protestor to the large crowd that had gathered on Tuesday.


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