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Prices at the Pumps Hit 18-Month Low

Croatia106Petrol prices have dropped for the fifth week in a row in Croatia, with diesel at an 18-month low…

For the fifth week in a row petrol prices have fallen at the pumps, with a litre of Eurosuper 95 dropping nearly 1 euro cent on Tuesday to 9.78 kuna a litre (1.27 euros), portal Cijenegoriva reported. Eurodiesel fell 2 euro cents on Tuesday to 9.32 kuna (1.20 euros), which is the lowest it has been since May last year. Customers filling up the tank with Eurodiesel today will be paying 1 euro less than they would have yesterday. Whilst petrol prices continue to fall, there was bad news for drivers using LPG, with the price rising 4 lipa (0.04 euros) a litre to 4.30 kuna (0.56 euros).

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