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Požega-Slavonia County Cuisine: From the traditional to the modern 

Three top vineyards, the best Graševina, quality local food, excellent traditional cuisine, and its modern variants – Požega-Slavonia County is a paradise for gourmets

True lovers of Slavonian cuisine will not miss it, it will be enjoyed by those who visit this part of Croatia for the first time, almost all restaurants that adhere to tradition will offer it, and no celebration can pass without it simmering in a cauldron over an open fire for hours.

Čobanac, or Shepard’s stew, is a real gourmet hit and an unavoidable dish in Požega-Slavonia County in the east of Croatia. 

With at least three types of meat, it does not skimp on spices, especially ground red pepper, so you can taste it from the hottest to slightly milder variants. It all depends on the taste of the chef and his combination of fresh ingredients and spices. 

Slavonian cuisine

Traditional čobanac (Photo credit: Rene Karaman)

Real masters say that the cauldron should be twice as big as the size of the  čobanac, and top-quality white wine is crucial for good taste, and there is no shortage of such wines, at least in this part of Croatia.

Slavonian Cuisine

Čobanac (Photo credit: Rene Karaman)

In love and cuisine, everything is allowed. Apart from the traditional variants, you can also enjoy čobanac of the most modern. A street food version in a fresh roll for fans of modern cuisine was created by the Funky Food team in Požega.

Slavonian Cuisine

Modern čobanac in a roll – Funky Food

Slavonia Pozega

Modern čobanac in a roll – Funky Food

Proponents of the original čobanac, as it has been cooked for centuries, will look for their portion in restaurants with the label Tastes of Golden Slavonia with the finest local and traditional dishes.

There you will find it hard to resist the smells and tastes of bread from the bread oven, čvarci, dried bacon, ham, kulen, kulen seka, švargli, fish stew, game specialties, sarma, Požega vinogradarski ćevapi, grilled trout, and cooked smoked carp.

Slavonian cuisine

Požega vinogradarski ćevapi

Also desserts such as salenjaci, makovnjača, orahnjača, shredded cheese, apple strudel, tačkrla, or dumplings. 

Slavonia Pozega food

Local delights (Photo credit: Dear Leader Joe)

(Photo credit: Dear Leader Joe)


(Photo credit: Dear Leader Joe)

With about thirty wineries in three vineyards: Kutjevo, Požega-Pleternica, and Pakrac, Požega-Slavonia County is a well-known wine destination where Graševina gives top results and a wide range of wines, from young and fresh to aged and predicate. A real sensation for the palate. 

Slavonian wine

Kutjevo (Photo credit: Siniša Uštulica)

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