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Popular Spanish magazine suggests Croatian baby names for parents

What names are Croatians choosing for their children now? Moving away from tradition

¡Hola !, one of the most read weekly magazines in Spain, in its latest issue suggests that parents give newborn children Slavic names, including Croatian ones.

“Among the Slavic languages are Russian, Croatian, Bulgarian and Czech. And although you may think that some words are impossible to pronounce, it is not so. The names are beautiful and fit pretty well into our language,” writes ¡Hola ! in an article published Monday on their online edition entitled “40 Beautiful and Original Names of Slavic Origin for Babies.”

“Among the Slavic-speaking countries, the good thing is that many names are similar. To find inspiration, we have prepared a small list of the 40 most used names for boys and girls,” the magazine writes.

Among the offered names used in Croatia, the magazine suggests – Boris, Goran, Mirko, Danica, Darinka, Milka, Miroslava, Tihana and Zora. Along with the names, the magazine gives their meaning.

According to the Spanish statistical office INA, in Spain, a country with 47 million inhabitants, parents have so far in 2021 most often given newborn boys the names Hugo, Martín, Lucas and Mateo, and girls Lucía, Sofía, Martina and María.

Names like Igor and Tania have been popular in Spain for a while. 

The most popular female name in Croatia last year was Mia, whilst Luka was the most popular boy’s name. The next most popular girls names were Lucija, Sara, Ema and Nika. After Luka, David was the next most common for boys, followed by Jakov, Ivan and Petar.




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