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PM Wishes Croatians a Happy New Year With Promise of a Better 2014

CroatiaCroatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanović has wished Croatians a Happy New Year on Monday by repeating that he expects 2014 to be a year of recovery…

“We will continue with our programme, certain that we are working well in the interest of all citizens. The government has chosen the path to recovery, which will, I am convinced,  provide a better, more orderly and prosperous homeland. After years of neglect and irresponsibility, it can not be neither quick nor easy (path to recovery), and definitely it can not be painless. Croatian citizens voted for us and therefore chose to solve the existing problems, and not to push them under the carpet, said PM Milanović in his address as he wished the nation all the best for 2014.

“Our country is rich in beauty and diversity, and Croatian citizens are honest and hard-working people who deserve a better everyday life and a higher standard. Unfortunately, for years they did not respect the politics which was not working for them. We are changing that. It’s time to take advantage of the potential of our country, it is time to reverse the negative trends and begin a more beautiful story, the story of a successful, tidy and economically stable European country”, said the PM.

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