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PM: The EU Is Seriously Changing. Croatians Will Go To A Referendum

Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic has no doubt that Croatia will meet all requirements for membership into the European Union before the scheduled date of 1 July 2013. Milanovic also announced that even after joining the EU, Croatia may have to hold another referendum with its citizens about “the future of the EU, which may not look the same as when it signed the accession treaty.”

Milanovic was speaking from Brussels before the EU summit, which is focusing on the future of the European Union and the banking union. Milanovic, who arrived late to Brussels after his plane experienced trouble and had to turn back to Zagreb for repairs, is at the EU summit in an observer role, reports Jutarnji list.

Milanovic said that changes were in the pipeline regarding the European Union and how it would affect Croatian citizens. “There is to be change to some very important laws, which will have an impact on people’s lives. We signed one contract, and this what they have been talking about for the last nine months is something different,” said Milanovic, adding that a new referendum on the “new” structure to the EU may have to go out to the Croatian citizens.

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