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Pleme releasing premium content to help potential Croatian returnees

Croatia is quickly evolving into one of Europe’s top tech hubs


Pleme social network moves forward with premium content to guide future Croatian returnees through all facets of life and business in Croatia

Back in 2019, Australian-based tech company Kraljevic Technology launched the first online network and social media platform for Croatians and people interested in Croatia.  

When Pleme started it was to make information on or about Croatia which would be beneficial to entrepreneurs in Croatia or people in the diaspora looking to build a better future and make better connections. 

Today, Pleme announced it is moving forward with premium content to help potential Croatian returnees with their transition. 

“Today we are pleased to announce we are releasing new premium content every month over the next 12 months. Last year we started to release premium content for Pleme subscribers. In the coming months, we aim to expand the content and partner with many organisations and influencers to cover how things like how to EU funding for your business, the education system in Croatia, investing, business, health, food, wine, citizenship and much more,” Pleme said. 

What content has been released so far?

In the last year, Pleme has released a range of content for subscribers, including:

– 45 classic Croatian texts

– Introduction to the tax system in Croatia

– Stock images for Croatian project

How to access?

To access this content open the Pleme app or website (https://web.pleme.app/) and tap the pastedGraphic.png (Menu icon) and then tap “Premija”.

What’s next?

“This month, we will be releasing information on EU funds and the Croatian education system for all the business owners and parents looking to enrol their children in school in Croatia,” Pleme says.

Do you have some awesome skills or topics you are passionate about?

We are always looking for new content contributors if you have some really cool skills or know an interesting topic feel free to get in touch at https://pleme.app/pleme-premija-contribute

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