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PHOTOS: Testing on Skywalk attraction on Biokovo as opening nears

Testing on the new Skywalk attraction (Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

MAKARSKA, 13 JUNE 2020 – A brand new tourist attraction high above the Makarska Riviera on the Dalmatian coast in Biokovo Nature Park is set to open shortly. 

The construction of the Skywalk viewpoint, 1228 metres up Biokovo mountain at Ravna Vlaška pass, is in its final stages. The main feature of the Skywalk is the glass viewing platform, which protrudes out 12 metres from the cliff of the mountain.  

On Friday, the Podgora and Tučepi fire brigades took part in transporting water to test the new attraction on Biokovo. Tests were carried out on the load-bearing capacity of the viewpoint.

(Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

(Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

(Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

“Our firefighters poured water into a makeshift pool made on the lookout itself. There were experts who observed and evaluated the test. From our side, everything went well,” the commander of the Podgora fire brigade, Stjepko Mrsić, told Dalmacija Danas.

(Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

Many are looking forward to the opening of Biokovo’s “heavenly promenade” – Skywalk on Ravna Vlaška.

Although the end of the summer was mentioned as a possible opening date, unofficial reports are that the Skywalk could open by the end of June.

(Photo credit: Vatrogasci Podgora)

As well as the skywalk, the 34.2 million kuna Novi Adrion – Promotion of the sustainable use of the Biokovo Nature Park’s natural heritage project includes the upgrading and development of roads and pedestrian-biking trails, refurbishing and constructing of rest areas, playgrounds, the installation of panoramic telescopes, a multi-media visitor centre, and the improvement of transportation with the introduction of shuttle buses and electric bikes.

Whilst the Skywalk will open this summer, the rest of the project, which is financed from the European Regional Development Fund, is expected to be fully complete and ready to welcome visitors in 2021. 

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