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[PHOTOS] Rare Photos of Croatian Towns 100 Years Ago

Split nearly 100 years ago and Split today (Kurt Hielscher/Yuya Matsuo)

Some rare footage of what architecture, landscape, and daily life looked like almost 100 years ago in some popular Croatian destinations feature in a book by German photographer Kurt Hielscher.

Hielscher travelled around Europe in the first part of the 1900s and authored several books. On his travels, he visited what is today Croatia and some rare photos feature in his book.


Split in 1926 (photo: Kurt Hielscher)

Split today (photo: Yuya Matsuo)


Trogir (photo: Kurt Hielscher)

Trogir (photo credit: Alex Proimos under CC)


Šibenik (photo: Kurt Hielscher)

Šibenik today


Dubrovnik  (photo: Kurt Hielscher)

Dubrovnik today (photo credit: cascoviejo under Creative Commons license)

More info about how to obtain Hielscher’s book here.

Or visit My Century for more rare photos.

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