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[PHOTOS] First Croatian Solar Car Debuts on the Road

CROsolar 01 makes its debut on public roads in Croatia (Photo: Jutarnji.hr)

The first Croatian solar electric vehicle has had its premiere on public roads this week.

The CROsolar 01, developed for the World Solar Challenge Race, has hit the street in the eastern Croatian city of Osijek on Thursday, much to the surprise of locals on the road.

The CROsolar-01 drove on average 6.5 km at around 50 km/h on Thursday.

The CROsolar project started in 2015 and developed by the Osijek Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Computing and Information Technology, has hit the road after two years and around 100,000 euros of investment.

(Photo: Osjecka.com)

Some of the features of the car:

– Carbon fiber body with aluminum chassis, total weight: 200 kg
– Drag coefficient 0.11
– 2x in-wheel electric motor 2,5 kW (total 5 kW)
– Li-Ion battery cells / 55 Ah, 96 V / 5.3 kWh / 20 kg
– Photo-voltaic solar panels/Efficiency: 23.9% / 6m2 1.3 kW/h
– Max speed 110 km/h
– Max range by using solar energy: up to 700 km + by using battery 300 km (cruising speed)

CROsolar-01 (Photo: Jutarnji.hr)

CROsolar 01 is one of the prototypes of solar vehicles that are attracting a lot of attention on the world’s innovative scene.

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