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[PHOTOS] First Croatian Glamping Dome

First Croatian glamping dome (photo credit: press/kupole.hr)

First Croatian glamping dome (photo credit: press/kupole.hr)

Croatia’s stunning nature, open spaces and climate make it a great destination for all types of holidays – including glamping…

What is glamping you may ask? glamping is a global trend that is starting to take off and is best defined as glamorous camping. It is a way travellers can experience the great outdoors without sacrificing luxury. Last year there were over 3 million searches for the keyword ‘Glamping’.

Next month the first Croatian designed and manufactured glamping dome will be presented. It is expected to be used also for the first time this summer on one of the Adriatic islands. The company behind the first glamping dome is Kupole-bolje od šatora, which translates to ‘Domes – better than tents’. In cooperation with local designers and furniture manufacturers, they have developed the first Croatian glamping dome.

“The geodesic dome is the most stable structure ever invented, at the same time being the lightest and the strongest. Our role model, american architect, designer and inventor, Buckminster Fuller was the first one to recognize and implement the exceptional features of the geodesic dome. After years of experience in technical production of various events, we wanted to produce innovative, technically perfect, but also an aesthetically valuable product,” the company says.

Check out what the first Croatian glamping domes will look like.


(photos: press/kupole.hr)

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