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[PHOTOS] Check Out Idyllic Zagreb Covered in First Snow of 2016

(photo credit: Zdenko Mlinar - ZmlinaR Photography - Zrinjevac - Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Zdenko Mlinar – ZmlinaR Photography – Zrinjevac – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

It only took 2 days of the new year for the first snow to hit Croatia for the year…

On Saturday most of inland Croatia welcomed the first snow of the year, bringing joy to many, especially in the capital Zagreb. Check out the scenes around Zagreb with readers photos posted into the Facebook group ‘Zakaj Volim Zagreb‘.  Enjoy.


(photo credit: Linda Brakus – Dugave – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)


(photo credit: Sandra Tralić – Zagreb Eye vidikovac – ‎Zakaj volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Evelina Miščin – Maksimir – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Adrian Jejčić -Gornje Vrapče – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Petar Štanfel – Zagreb – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Goga Gerl – Dubec – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

(photo credit: Marina Rebrović – Travno – Zakaj Volim Zagreb)

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