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[PHOTOS] Burolina: A New Natural Instrument Attraction for Makarska

Burolina (photo credit: Grad Makarska)

The architect who created the sea organ in the Dalmatian city of Zadar is to create another natural instrument on the coast.

Architect Nikola Bašić, who designed Zadar’s sea organ, which plays music by way of sea waves and tubes located underneath a set of large marble steps, is to create Burolina in the town of Makarska.

The Burolina project includes the construction of a new building within which will be located the new Malacological Museum, an underground car park with 120 spaces, and the “Burolina” pavilion which would connect through to the popular Osejava hotel beach.

Burolina to react to with the Bura winds (photo: Grad Makarska)

The spiraled building is to be designed to be an attraction. Not only will it provide facilities such as cafes and washrooms for beach-goers, its open ‘shell’ roof will be an instrument in a sense when the famous Bura winds blow – much like how Bašić’s sea organ works.

Sea Organ in Zadar (photo credit: croatia.hr)

The project was presented to the public by Bašić and the Mayor of Makarska earlier this month and will now go through the public debate process.

(photo: Grad Makarska)

Burolina (photo credit: Grad Makarska)

Bašić is also the author of another famous Zadar attraction – the Greeting to the Sun.

Zadar’s Greetings to the Sun

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