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PHOTOS: 3,000 Citroën 2CVs from all over the world in Samobor

Citroën 2CVs converge on Samobor 

SAMOBOR, 1 August 2019 – Over 3,000 Citroën 2CVs from all over the world have converge on Samobor in Croatia for the 23rd 2CV World Meeting. 

“First of all, a huge thank you to the large number of volunteers…,” Darko Zornjak, president of the organising committee, said at the start of the opening of the 23rd 2CV World Meeting in Samobor, thanking everyone who made the dream of the Croatian 2CV Citroën Club come true by hosting the event.  

The Croatian national anthem was played by the Samobor music families Novosel and Rimac, whilst there were performances from folklore group Mladost and from the Cirkultura juggling association at the opening. 

The 2CV World Meeting is the biggest gathering of drivers and lovers of the legendary Citroën 2CV car, known locally as the ‘Spaček’. More than 12,000 participants from over 30 countries are in Samobor, including lovers of the two-cylinder car from as far as Australia and Ivory Coast. 

The Deputy Mayor of Samobor, Sanja Horvat Iveković, in her address to the participants and guests reminded that preparations for this event lasted more than two years and that the most deserving for all that is happening now are the people of Samobor who are active in club. She added that the City of Samobor is proud to stand side by side with other European cities, hosting the 2CV World Meeting, which is a great promotion for the City and Croatia.

County Tourist Board Director Ivana Alilovic said she was extremely proud that this meeting is happening in the Zagreb County area, which offers many activities and attractions, adding that the key to success is the people, thanking all enthusiasts who have joined in organising the meeting.

Zagreb County Deputy Mayor Nadica Žužak emphasised that Zagreb County was happy to provide logistical and financial support of 200,000 kuna to this project, and being aware of its international importance, made sure that the organiser received another 60,000 kuna through the Tourist Board.

The programme continued until the late hours with the Croatian Band Karizma. On Wednesday afternoon, photographs were taken at the Samobor Fair where a large Citroen sign was formed by vehicles.

All-day entry to the programme zone, which opens at 8 am, is 30 kuna. Viewing the cars in the camp zone is possible from 10 am. For kids up to 12 entry is free. 

In the program for Thursday, from 10 am to 12 pm driving competitions at the former Samobor Barracks will take place. Slovenian Day will take place from 3 pm to 7 pm, organised by the Citroën Club Slovenia and presentations of future Spacek meetings from 8 pm to 10 pm (ICCCR – Poland 2020, the Spacek-Switzerland 2021 World Meeting and the candidate for the 2023 Spacek World Meeting. 

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