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[PHOTO] Loose Horses on Busy Zagreb Road Surprise Motorists

3 horses surprise traffic on Friday in Zagreb (Facebook)

A joke played by three teens luckily ended without a major incident on Friday in the Croatian capital Zagreb.

Motorists, pedestrians and passengers on trams at around 2 pm on Zagreb’s busy Maksimir street witnessed a rather unsual site on Friday – three horses galloping in the east-bound lane.

As can be seen from the photo, taken just outside Maksimir stadium, the situation could have ended a lot worse than it did. So how did horses end up galloping down the main road?

The horses galloping toward the Zoo (Facebook)

Three teenagers thought they would have some fun at a local horse riding club and decided to untie horses which were tied up.

“There were three boys from 15 to 17 years old, they probably thought it was funny. The three horses – Medo, Sara and Anabel – are used to people. They are often at the Zoo where people can ride them. When they were released they galloped in that direction. You could say they were going to work”, Zdravko Petrović from the Hiperion horse riding club said.

The journey through town lasted around 10 minutes for the horses. Staff at the club immediately chased after them and said after initially galloping toward the Zoo, they started to stroll back to the stables.
They were quickly returned and all ended well. The club reported the incident to the police.

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