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Peak of heatwave to hit Croatia on Thursday & Friday

Heatwave sweeping across Europe this week

25 June 2019 – Most of Europe is starting to swelter as a potentially dangerous heatwave starts to hit. Record temperatures, possibly up to 46°C could hit Spain, France and parts of Germany where the heatwave will be at its most intense, Severe Weather Europe says. 

The heatwave will also bring extremely high temperatures to other parts of Europe, including Italy and Croatia. The Croatian Meteorological and Hydrological Service (DHMZ) has warned that temperatures will rise this week, peaking on Thursday with highs of over 35°C for parts of the country. 

“Thursday will be the peak of the heat this week, on Friday a colder front is expected to move in,” 24sata writes. 

(Photo: DHMZ)

On Tuesday, which is a public holiday in Croatia as Statehood Day is observed, highs in the mid 30s°C are forecast. On Wednesday, temperatures will continue to increase with highs of over 34°C on the coast and 33°C inland expected. 

The heatwave will be at its strongest on Thursday and part of Friday with DHMZ issuing warnings for Zagreb, Karlovac, Rijeka, and Split. These days temperatures in excess of 35°C are expected.

(Photo: DMHZ)

People are warned to stay out of the sun from 10am – 4pm due to the high UV rays and to stay hydrated, especially on Thursday.  

The cause of the heatwave is due to several elements, including a phenomenon called “polar amplification”, in which rising temperatures north of the Arctic Circle trigger unusual weather patterns which can weaken and divert the jet stream from its usual course. Meanwhile a large area of high pressure over central Europe and a large storm over the Atlantic is expected to pull hot air from Africa north, in a weather event known as a “Saharan bubble”. 

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