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One critical and damage to buildings and churches in Zagreb earthquake

A big earthquake hit Zagreb on Sunday morning (Photo: HINA/Daneil KASAP)

ZAGREB, March 22 (Hina) – According to the information from the children’s hospital in Zagreb, a 15-year-old child who was admitted to that institution after having been seriously injured in Sunday morning’s quake, is in a crititcal condition.

The head of Croatia’s Civil Protection Authority, Damir Trut, said on Sunday there were also several injured people in this morning’s earthquakes but the injuries were light.

“There are injured, we still don’t know the exact number,” he said, adding that “the injuries are light. It’s not a large number of people.”

A building in Adzijina Street collapsed and several people are inside. “Responders are on the ground trying to get them out.”

Several buildings in the centre of Zagreb and also a few old churches throughout the city were seriously damaged, while a turret of the cathedral fell down after a 5.5 magnitude earthquake hit Zagreb and its surroundings at 6:24 a.m. on Sunday morning. Several aftershocks have also been felt.

Zagreb Cathedral (Photo: HINA/Daneil KASAP)

The most serous damage was visible on old buildings and houses in a several streets in downtown Zagreb.

According to first reports four churches were damaged in the tremors, the epicentre of which was several kilometres north of Zagreb.

(Photo: HINA/Damir SENČAR)

(Photo: HINA/Damir SENČAR)

Due to the possible aftershocks, people were advised to stay outside and to remain apart from one another following the outbreak of the COVID-19 infection.

Interior Minister Davor Bozinovic said on Sunday that seismological and construction experts would make quick assessments of how much buildings in the centre of zagreb were safe following three quakes that hit the capital city in the morning.

The situation is additionally complicated due to the outbreak of the coronavirus infection, he admitted in an extraordinary news conference.

(Photo: HINA/Damir SENČAR)

Croatia’s state leadership is holding an impromptu meeting this morning.

The three quakes caused material damage. According to first reports, some residents remained trapped in their homes.

(Photo: HINA/Damir SENČAR)

Apart from the strongest tremor, there were two subsequent quakes with  5.0 and 3.7 magnutude.

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