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Omiš: 10 Things to See & Do

The small and shiny gem of Omiš is a historical town settled between the Adriatic Sea and the Cetina river. In the middle-ages Omiš was a well-known pirate town.

The history it hides and nature’s beauty that surrounds it makes this little pearl a great spot for a heavenly vacation.

Here are some things to see and do in Omiš.

1. Visit the Old Town & St. Michael’s Square

Numerous picturesque alleyways through the old town of Omiš and along its charming houses are the best way to discover the past times. One Renaissance house is especially distinguished – “The House of a Happy Man” with a Latin inscription above its entrance, thanking the Lord for a life in this world.

See the historical gems and the traces of the medieval wall Mostina with its secret passage, the Church of St.Peter from the 10th century, the old cemetery, the Illyrian seminary, Turjun fort and many other beautiful reminders of the rich history.

2. Rafting on the Cetina River

(Image: Omiš Tourist Board)

The ideal place for rafting and canoeing on one of the prettiest rivers of Croatia will offer you more than a great adventure! Its wonderful scenery and cliffs will take your breath away. Waterfalls, lakes and tunnels reaching from Gubavica Waterfall with river ending its way in the salt sea will make the experience unforgettable.

3. Zip Line above Cetina Canyon

An extraordinary experience of sliding between the mountains! Enjoy the magnificent scenery and the beautiful canyon of the Cetina river while on a 150 meters high steel wire. The speed reaches 65 km per hour in a 2 km long wires so it is a real adventure treat.

4. Climbing to Mirabella Fortress

Settled on a cliff, the mystical 13th-century pirate fortress above the city offers a fantastic view over the surrounding beauty of the Brač bay. It is easy to reach but is located high which makes the view over the town magnificent. With 20 kuna entrance fee, you can climb Mirabella’s higher levels and enjoy it even more.

5. Visit Fortica Fortress

One of the most magnificent views in Dalmatia offers from a more than 500 years old fortress. Spreading through the Cetina canyon, Brač, Hvar and Šolta, the view had secured that the town of Omiš remained unconquered through history. About an hour of easy climbing will lead you to this beautiful spot.

6. Radmanove Mlinice & Kaštil Slanica Fortress

A famous restaurant, Radman mills, surrounded by a beautiful nature, hidden among the trees shadows and the sound of mill wheels over Cetina. Mlinice were first mentioned in the 17th century and today are transformed into a restaurant that offers an excellent traditional cuisine.

Kaštil Slanica was built on the walls of the 12th-century tower Slanica and was a refuge for Omiš pirates. Today this restaurant offers more than just an interesting environment.

7. Beaches of Omiš Riviera

(Image: Omiš Tourist Board)

Gorgeous series of sandy beaches along the Omiš Riviera makes it a perfect destination. Visit the 5 km long series of beaches in Dugi Rat and Duće, Sumpetar with the old wooden sailing ships, rare inhabited places around Nemira with its clear sea.

The coast around Stanići and Velika Luka bay, Ruskamen as a windsurfing destination, bays of Lokva Rogoznica, beautiful sandy beaches of Medići, cove Borak in Marušići, Pisak with its picturesque boats above the sandy beaches and Vruja with its Diamond beach and interesting diving areas.

Rent a boat and simply stroll down this gorgeous coastline.

8. Omiška Dinara

Unspoiled nature around this beautiful hill as well as the gorgeous view from its top guarantee an unforgettable experience. The church of St. Vitus located at the top with 639 meters and the old village above Lokva Rogoznica will take you back into the history of this rocky spot.

9. Visit Mosor & Try Poljički Soparnik

Soparnik (Photo credit: Ivo Biocina / Source: CNTB)

The Mosor mountain is full of extraordinary places to visit. Poljica is a group of villages beneath the Mosor mountain, rural area with a rich history known as Poljička republic. This social system is said to have inspired Thomas More to write the famous “Utopia” after his visit. Visit the statue of Jeanne D’Arc of Poljica – Mila Gojsalić and find out about her legendary bravery.

The statue of Mila Gojsalić (Photo credit: Croatian National Tourist Board)

Among many other famous historical inheritance, there is also one delicious traditional dish – Poljički soparnik, a dish made with chard between two layers of simplest dough. It tastes like heaven.

10. The Pirate Battle & Dalmatian Klapa Singing Festival

Pirate Battle of Omiš (Photo: Gusarska Bitka Omiš/Pirate Battle Omiš)

In the mid-August, the town becomes a scene for a reenactment of a pirate battle from the 13th century. With canons and pistols, you will be set right in the centre of a “real” duel. Enjoy the Pirates’ Nights with performers on numerous town’s stages.

Klapa (Image: Omiš Tourist Board)

Every year Omiš is also a host to the famous festival inscribed on the UNESCO List of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

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