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New ‘spaceship’ CT scanner for Children’s Hospital in Zagreb

New CT scanner at Children’s Hospital in Zagreb

ZAGREB, Nov 12 (Hina) – A  total of HRK 55 million of EU funds has been invested in new medical equipment at the Children’s Hospital in Zagreb and that equipment will significantly improve the efficiency and accessibility to hospital care for our youngest patients, one of those being a new CT scanner adapted for use in examining children that was put into operation on Monday.

The hospital’s director, Goran Roic, underscored that the device was characterised by very fast scanning and a minimum dose of ionising radiation and that it can be used to examine almost all parts of the body.

The room with the new CT scanner, worth about HRK 5.5 million, was adapted to make the medical procedure more pleasant for children.

The ‘spaceship’ design was created by Marina Cumbo in collaboration with marketing agency Izone. 

“Collaborating with the hospital and working on the project is one of those heart-fulfilling projects because everything we do for the Hospital is done voluntarily, with the goal of making the hospital stay for the little ones as comfortable as possible, ”said Eva Mladicek from Izone in a press release, adding that Marina Cumbo was once again in charge of designing the project.

In addition to the new CT scanner, the hospital is conducting a procurement procedure for a linear accelerator for the hematooncology clinic, adapted for radiological examinations in children. The MR device, too, will be upgraded and two new operating rooms will be renovated, which should facilitate an increased number of patients being treated.

Eva Mladicek and Marina Cumbo

Health Minister Milan Kujundzic attended today’s launch of the new CT scanner and underscored that HRK 55 million of EU funds had been secured primarily for equipment. He added, however, that Croatia required a new national children’s hospital.

“We will not given up on that hospital. The money for it has been secured and currently the selection procedure for a feasibility study to be conducted is underway,” said Kujundzic.


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