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New concept at one of the best restaurants in Split – Kadena

Kadena in Split (Photo credit: Studio Relive)

A restaurant with one of the best views in Croatia is taking it to a new level with a brand new concept and style. 

Located above the Zenta marina and beach with a stunning view of the Croatian islands of Brač, Hvar, and Šolta, Kadena in Split has been one of Dalmatia’s top restaurants, earning a place in the Michelin Guide for Croatia last year. 

“A delightful location above the sea, where some of the finest views in the region can be enjoyed from the restaurant terrace. Kadena is one of the town’s most elegant restaurants, with the fresh fish in the display cabinet taking pride of place on the menu,” Michelin inspectors wrote at the time. 

The recent acquisitions of an internationally-acclaimed Croatian chef and sommelier signals a new period for the restaurant. 

Damir Sertić, who last year represented Croatia in China and beat 500 chefs to win the title of best artistic chef, is the new head chef at the restaurant. 

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

The restaurant wants to raise the bar, offering quality fish from the Adriatic, with a blend of tradition and modern cuisine. There will be also be molecular gastronomy, a great choice of steaks, but also Japanese and Asian specialties, from sushi, to Vietnamese style tuna. 

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

The man in charge of the wine and new manager of the restaurant is 29-year-old Marko Rudez. Originally from Makarska, Rudez has worked for over a decade abroad in Sao Paulo, Brazil and in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates. 

Marko Rudez (Photo credit: Studio Relive)

“The restaurant was taken over a couple of months ago and opened bringing a new concept and style with modern cuisine and the best wines from Croatia with a variety of the best wines from abroad as well. The focus is to offer to the guest the best of the best. Another important point is to offer the employees a nice environment where they can feel valued, with training, days to rest and a competitive salary,” Marko says. 


(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

After 10 years working abroad, Rudez says he decided to return to Croatia to explore the opportunities the country has now. He is a Wine & Spirit Education Trust  (WSET) certificate holder and is studying now for his diploma. Wine is his passion and Rudez believes that Croatian wines have the potential to be known abroad and he thinks he can contribute to that.

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

Marko wine tasting

Marko and Zlatko Dalić

“Croatia has unique and authentic grape varieties. Bire Grk Defora from the island of Korcula is one of the best wines from Dalmatia. It’s a unique grape from the region and the producers knew how to explore it.” 

(Photo credit: Studio Relive)

Rudez says that to improve the reputation of Croatian wines it is very important to give opportunities for small producers be in the market competing with well known producers. 

Marko wine tasting again

“There are small producers with excellent wines but have no chance to be in the national market. Second is creating laws and common standards of quality for the wines in the country. A good standard of quality may generate credibility in the international market,” he concludes. 



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