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New burek with lamb on the spit filling goes viral

(Photo: Mlinar/Facebook)

4 April 2019 – Once again a number of companies got into the spirit of April Fool’s Day by teasing fans with crazy new product releases.

McDonald’s unveiled the McPickle, a burger stacked with pickles, Dunkin’ Donuts showed off an eatable super dough coffee cup holder, whilst StarKist went for the tuna flavoured ice-cream. 

One of the most successful jokes this year in Croatia was by popular bakery chain Mlinar. The nation’s oldest and biggest bakery got many fans excited when they revealed they had come out with a brand new product – a burek with lamb on the spit filling. 

“New Product. Burek with lamb from the spit from tomorrow in stores. Can it get better?” – Mlinar wrote on their Facebook page with a photo of the product. 

The news excited many with some not realising it was an April Fool’s prank.

With over 1.2k likes and over 1.1k shares, the post proved extremely popular with lots of fans hoping it would not be just a joke. Time will tell. 

Burek is one of Croatia’s most beloved adopted street foods. Whilst there are different types of filings, many are convinced that only burek with meat is a ‘true burek’ and everything else are just pies.

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