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Natural Croatian cosmetics brand discovered by Vogue magazine

Natural handmade Croatian cosmetics brand a hit

23 May 2019 – A natural cosmetics brand from the Dalmatian hinterland in Croatia has been featured by British Vogue magazine. 

Silvan Cosmetics, founded by young entrepreneur Jelena Bikić in 2016, has featured in British Vogue as a part of their campaign Vogue’s Beauty Secrets. For the next three months a the magazine will showcase one of their products.

Silvan Cosmetics produces natural, handcrafted cosmetic products packed in special packaging with seeds of wildflowers in it. The design of the packaging was inspired by the motifs from Croatian rich cultural and historical heritage.

Silvan Cosmetics featured in Vogue

“By using natural ingredients in our soap and by finding inspiration in the Illyrian culture for our design, we strive to bring man closer to nature and re-establish a connection that should have never been lost,” Jelena says.

Silvan Cosmetics in Vogue

The name Silvan is derived from the God Silvan, who was very important in the religion of the ancient Illyrians – especially the ones who lived in the region of Central Dalmatia. 

“These tribes were known as Delmats. Silvan was their deity of wild nature, forests, and pastures. He was also celebrated as the protector of the herds, so, he was often portrayed with horns – which we decided to promote as the distinctive feature in our logo. We wished to establish a connection with the legacy of our country’s early inhabitants. From geometric motifs of the prehistoric art to the God of wild nature – a story that fits perfectly with Silvan – natural handmade cosmetics represents: simplicity and nature,” she explains. 

Silvan Cosmetics from the Dalmatian hinterland

Silvan Cosmetics produces a range of different products. 



Tea tree essential oil combined with activated charcoal makes this soap the ideal facial cleansing bar. Moisten the face with water and apply the soap with circular movements on the entire face surface. The soap creates a grayish foam which will be easily removed with water. The end result is a clean and smooth face.



Sea salt removes toxins from the skin while at the same time helps in the absorption of nutrients from the jojoba oil which makes this the perfect shower soap bar. The soap produces a rich lather, leaving the beautiful scent of clary sage on your skin.



The soap is made with ingredients typical of the Dalmatian hinterland region in order to create a lasting memory of your visit to our beautiful country.

Silvan Cosmetics

Silvan Cosmetics

Their products are packed in special packaging that grows, dedicated to sustainable, zero waste lifestyle.


“Our paper packaging is embedded with a colourful variety of wildflowers seeds. After you plant the paper, it disintegrates completely as you water it. In a month or so, your wildflowers should start blooming. There are several different types of seeds so you will never know which one you will get. We wanted to bring a piece of wild nature to your homes,” Jelena says. 

You can plant the packaging and watch it grow

Silvan Cosmetics have formed a number of partnerships in Croatia and supply stores and hotels around Croatia and Slovenia, including Croatia in a box in Rijeka, Take me home in Zagreb, Desogner store Krug in Split, Origin – Croatian cosmetics in Omiš, Solana Nin, Rožca Golež in Slovenia, Sole Luna Design Store in Poreč, Hotel Krilo in Krilo Jesenice, Holiday home Enchanting Hill in Varaždin and the Dugopolje Tourist Board.

Silvan Cosmetics

Silvan Cosmetics also have a business cooperation with Waste Free Planet – an Instagram platform for sustainable and zero-waste living which has more than 200k followers. They will soon be expanding on the French market and potentially the UK and Australian market as well. Below is a list of places where their products can be found. 

You can find out more about the brand on their website www.silvan.hr or find them on Instagram.

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