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Nanny Laws Get Shakeup In Croatia

From today, parents who leave their kids with nannies who are not registered with a company, will be breaking the law. New laws regulating child care and child care employees have come into effect on 1 April in Croatia as part of EU directives.

“Performing nanny duties will only be possible through a registered company,” explained Minister Milanka Opacic, adding that only qualified persons who have completed the appropriate pre-school education will be able to perform nanny and babysitter duties.

Under the new law one nanny will be allowed to look after up to six children, and with the help of an assistant, look after up to a maximum of 12 children. The biggest change in the law is that nannies will now have to be registered in the directory for nannies, have residence in Croatia and knowledge of the Croatian language, have at least secondary school education and have the necessary approval from medical institutions that they are capable to work.

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