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Musical About ‘Our Lady of Sinj’ & Amazing Battle in 1715 to Premiere in Sinj

Mirakul – Čudotvorna Gospa Sinjska i Alka to premiere in Sinj

A story of Biblical proportions from Croatia’s heroic history about the Miraculous ‘Our Lady of Sinj’ and the victory over the Ottomans over 300 years ago, has been turned into a musical and will have its premiere in Sinj on Sunday.

The spectacular musical ‘Mirakul – Čudotvorna Gospa Sinjska i Alka’ (Mirakul – Miraculous Our Lady of Sinj and Alka) tells the story of a handful of 700 brave warriors and friars, who in the unequal battle of Sinj defeated an army of 60,000 Turkish warriors with the miraculous intercession from Our Lady of Sinj.

Part of the musical is dedicated to the 302nd anniversary of the victory of Sinj over the Ottomans and the 302nd anniversary of the crowning of the image of the Miraculous Our Lady of Sinj.

The musical is the creation of singer Dražen Žanko, who had the idea for the musical for the last 30 years after recording a number of songs connected with folklore from the region. He is also the author of all of the music in the musical.

“The musical is a story of courage, pride, victory, freedom, and faith. Our Lady of Sinj and Alka are the platforms of our recognizability, national identity, our past, present, and future.

Alka (Photo Credit: Ilija Veselica)

The cast features more than 100 professionals and amateurs, including a number of names from the Croatian music and drama scene like Radojka Šverko, Lidija Horvat-Dunjko, Stijepo Gleđ Markos, Joško Ševo, Ervin Baučić, Dražen Bratulić, Adalbert Turner Juci, Lara Antić, Ljubo Zečević, Domagoj Janković, Boris Pavlenić, Max Hozić, Dario Došlić, Oliver Rogošić, Roko Šašić, klapa Larus, Zbor Ivana pl. Zajca, and Folklorni plesni ansambl Ivan Goran Kovačić.

The musical had its premiere in Zagreb late last year.

If you are interested in getting tickets for Sunday’s performance click here.

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