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Moroccan Asylum Seekers Arrested for Raping Croatian Teen

CroatiaThree Moroccan nationals, who are seeking asylum in Croatia, have been arrested and charged with the rape of a 19-year-old from the capital Zagreb, reports daily Jutarnji list.

According to reports, the drama unfolded last Friday between 12:00 and 2:00 am near Hotel Porin in the suburb of Dugave, the hotel where more than 200 asylum seekers are held each year. The Moroccans, aged 20, 23 and 28, reportedly met the teenager on the internet before meeting up at an arranged spot on the Friday night.

“These are asylum seekers who are trying at all costs not to go back to their own country and then they go and commit a crime, if that is the case then that is shocking,” one local Dugave resident told the daily. Statistics reveal that from 2004 Croatia has granted 80 people asylum. Last year around 200 asylum seekers were held in Kutina in central Croatia, with another 250 temporarily at Hotel Porin in Novi Zagreb and around 100 in Istria at an asylum centre. Locals living near Hotel Porin fear that with Croatia’s entry in the EU things will get worse in the area with more ‘guests of this type’.

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