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More Celebrity Endorsement for Croatian Designers’ S-Dress

The wife of Hollywood actor George Clooney, who is considered one of the fashion icons of today, is the latest celebrity to endorse a Croatian designed dress…

Amal Clooney, who rarely goes a week without making the fashion sections of the press after marrying Hollywood’s most eligible bachelor last year, decided to parade Croatian designer Lana Biondić’s S-Dress during a meeting in the British Parliament recently.

“All night I couldn’t sleep from the adrenaline and excitement. This caps off all the hard work I have put in creating my own fashion brand and designing all the models of dresses with a lot of love,” Lana said.

Clooney is not the first celebrity to endorse the dress. Princess Caroline of Monaco, actress Scarlett Johansson and model Claudia Schiffer have all worn Lana’s design. Her collection has become a hit internationally with the BBC filming a segment about the dress.

“Without any zips, buttons or labels, S-Dress feels like lingerie but looks tailored and is as gentle on most sensitive skins as it is to the environment. The utilitarian philosophy of S-Dress perfectly complements its clean aesthetics. The minimalist, timeless style is beyond fashion and gives women a choice over fierce consumerism of investing in a piece that will last both in style and physical durability. It is a universal piece that lightens one’s carbon footprint and at the same time makes one feel confident and desirable,” is how the designer describes the S-Dress.

The S-Dress is sold at only a few exclusive stores in London and online at www.sdress.com

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