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Mobile Phone Roaming In Croatia Just Got 10 Times Cheaper

There is one group of people who were celebrating Croatia’s official entry into the EU this morning, mobile phone-loving travellers to Croatia. New EU regulations mean the price of roaming in Croatia will now be up to 15 times cheaper from what they were.

As of today roaming charges in the European Union, which now includes Croatia, have been cut by a third, just in time for the holiday season. It was announced last week that surfing the internet or checking email on a mobile phone would be 36% cheaper come 1 July in the EU bloc, a move which EU regulators have been working on with mobile companies since 2007.

Using the internet in the EU will now cost 45 cents per megabyte, with making calls 24 cents per minute and receiving calls 7 cents per minute. The cost of sending text messages has also dropped, down to 8 cents. Mobile phone users receiving text messages in the EU will not be charged for those. What does this mean for visitors to Croatia?, about 10 times cheaper phone calls and text messages and 15 times cheaper internet use than what it previously cost.

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