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MlinZZa: Mlinci & Pizza hybrid new Croatian creation

MlinZZA (Photo credits: PR/Bojan-Haron Photography)

Another hybrid creation from top Croatian chef Marin Medak. After joining the bagel and krafna (donut) to produce the brafna, Medak has come up with the mlinZZa. 

The mlinZZa was inspired by homemade mlinci and pizza. Mlinci, which are a baked dough and can be described with having similarities to pasta, unleavened bread and even a cracker, have been popular in many Croatian homes. 

By adding a variety of pizza toppings, the mlinZZa was born.  The crunchy mlinci has less carbohydrates than a traditional pizza base and does not contain yeast. 

This original dedication to a popular Croatian cuisine is great as a nutritiously snack, to have on your lunch break or when you want something tasty to eat on the go.

MlinZZa can be found at the newly opened BABA by Rougemarin in the heart of downtown Zagreb in Harmica pass on the city’s main Ban Jelačić square.

(Photos: Bojan-Haron Photography/PR)

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