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Mlinar release a curry burek  

(Photo credit: Mlinar.hr)

ZAGREB, 17 January 2020 – The leading bakery chain in Croatia, Mlinar, are constantly experimenting with new products, especially when it comes to the favourite burek. 

Whilst traditionalists will argue only burek filled with meat is a true burek, and all the rest are pies, today there are a number of bureks with various filings on the market. Mlinar has experimented in the past by producing apple, chicken, cherry and even chocolate filled bureks. 

Recently, Mlinar released a curry burek. The spicey burek, which can be found at Mlinar bakeries, is filled with chicken and curry and costs 6.50 kuna. 

Mlinar said earlier that when brining out a new flavour they react to the demand of customers. 

“Our technologists were not afraid to suggest this kind of offer. They are constantly following the trends in the bakery industry and have noticed that they can always experiment with chocolate. Finally, the success of the chocolate burek has encouraged us in researching and planning new innovative products. There will be more,” Mlinar said earlier. 

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