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Minister: Euro 2020 In Croatia At Split’s Poljud Stadium

It is looking more and more likely that the Euro 2020 football championships will be hosted by 13 countries across Europe. Uefa president Michel Platini presented his plan yesterday and says it has the backing of sponsors and also now the fans.

Platini told reporters at a briefing in Nyon, Switzerland, on Friday: “We have talked to the fans. They were against it originally but we told them we are going to help them and suddenly they had a much more positive attitude,”

If Croatia holds it place in the top 10 rankings then it too would be a candidate to host group matches and the nations Minister of Sport says that Split’s Poljud Stadium would be the better choice over Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium as hosts. Daily newspaper Jutarnji list reports that it will be difficult to find the necessary millions of euros to bring Zagreb’s Maksimir Stadium up to standard.

“I support the idea that we be a host nation for Euro, organising Euro would be brilliant for Croatia, and I am sure we would do a successful job as a co-organiser for Euro,” said Zeljko Jovanovic, adding that Split’s Poljud Stadium would be the logical choice as it is the stadium most capable at the moment to bring up to standard and prepare for Euro.

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