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Migrant Crisis: 30,000 Entered Croatia, 27,500 Moved On


The number of migrants to pass through Croatia as of Tuesday morning reached 30,126, with over 27,500 of them already exiting the country…

All of the 30,000 plus who had passed through Croatia and not moved on to either Hungary and Slovenia, were currently being put up in a camp in the eastern villiage of Opatovac in the Vukovar-Srijem County . Around 2,000 people were currently at the makeshift reception centre, the Ministry of Internal Affairs confirmed.

Life is slowly returning to normal in Tovarnik, which saw the biggest influx of arrivals from Serbia over the past week. Trains have been taking away the last of people held up there as cleaning missions have begun of all the mess that has been left behind.

“I am proud of how we handled this. Croatia today is a country with a reputation in the world. Croatia had proved itself as a modern, civilised, humane and well-organised country”, Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic told RTL, adding that they did not handle the migrant crisis to promote their own interest nor it has allowed that its citizens be in jeopardy.

Meanwhile there was further praise for Croatia from the Red Cross Secretery-General Elhadj As Sy. Yesterday the Red Cross boss visited migrants currently placed in a reception centre in Opatovac near the border town of Tovarnik and commended the Croatian government and Croatian Red Cross and other organisations on their efforts in accepting and providing for refugees.

It is expected that most of those at the Opatovac reception centre will also move on as it was reported only 6 people had applied for asylum in Croatia so far.

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