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Meet the Couple Behind the Most Popular Polish Blog about Croatia 

Wojtek and Aga fell in love with Croatia and the love affair is stronger than ever

It was love at first sight when young Polish couple Wojtek and Agnieszka first visited Croatia 7 years ago. 

The young married couple from the city of Lublin in Poland’s south-east have been on a journey discovering the country ever since.

Wojtek, who is an SEO specialist, and Aga, who is a doctor, soon set up the blog CroLove which is today the most popular Polish blog about Croatia. 

Croatia Week caught up with the couple. 

So when and how did you first visit Croatia?

Our first trip to Croatia was in 2011. It was love from the first visit. And it paid off, we wouldn’t exchange Croatia for any other country, although the first time we went there, she greeted us with rain. Our first visit to Croatia was completely spontaneous, no planning, no set destinations. The only thing we knew was that we wanted to go to Dalmatia.

What made you fall in love with the country?

Croatia is a very beautiful country. It is difficult to describe it in a few words. What particularly captivates us in Croatia is the crystal clear water of the Adriatic, the high peaks of Biokovo, palm trees, beautiful warmth and sunny weather. Croatian cuisine is not only delicious but also diverse. 

Everyone will find something delicious for themselves. Long and rich Croatian history is present at every step. Times of reign in these areas of Illyr, Roman Empire, Byzantine Empire, Ottoman Empire, Austro-Hungarian Empire. Each stone has its history. People in Croatia are very nice, open, polite, helpful and selfless.

Croatia has become a refuge for us from everyday life, it is a place where we rest and full of energy we return to work.

How many times have you visited Croatia?

I do not remember exactly. For sure between 15 and 20 times.

What are some of your favourite places and foods in Croatia?

Our beloved place in Croatia is central and southern Dalmatia. Makarska Riviera, but after the tourist season is very beautiful. In the southern Dalmatia, our place is the Konavle region. One day, we’ll build a house somewhere in Konavle. We will spend all days on the terrace and celebrate a Fjaka through the body and soul.

We have a list of delicacies which, depending on the region in which we are staying. These dishes and products are dalmatian pašticada, pršut, paški sir, olive oil, tartuf, štrukli, samoborska kremšnita, baranjski kulen, fiš paprikaš.

You have good wine in Croatia, especially Graševina, Malvazija, Plavac Mali and Teran.

How did you come up with the idea for the blog?

After the second trip in 2012, when we already knew that we would visit Croatia more often, we decided to set up a blog, which at the beginning was to be only for us as a list of tips for future trips. Wojtek is an SEO specialist, for him creating a blog is one hour of work.

What is the aim of the blog?

In the beginning, our blog was more of a personal diary or a guide to help plan travels. After some time, it turned out that many people want to go to Croatia following our footsteps. The blog has become a guidebook for other people that makes it easier to make the most important decision – “we’re going to Croatia!”.

Besides that, we love sharing with others the interesting places we discover that cannot be found on the Internet or in guides.

Currently, CroLove is the most popular Polish blog about Croatia as far as Google visibility is concerned. During the summer season, we are visited by more than two hundred thousand unique users.

How has it been received by people in Poland?

People want to identify with us, our blog and our vision of popularizing Croatia in Poland. For example, they give stickers with the name of our blog on their cars. When we meet them in Poland or Croatia, we hear many nice words about our work. They thank us very much because thanks to the blog they could discover places they did not know about. Thanks to us, their vacation is not just sunbathing.

How many followers/fans do you have?

Social Media:

Facebook: more than 48 thousands followers

Instagram: more than 13,5 thousands followers

Twitter: more than 2,5 thousands followers

Google+: more than 1 thousand followers

What are some of the similarities between Polish and Croatian culture do you think?

We have the same religion. We are both Slavs. We have several common moments in European history. Poles and Croats, we pay a lot of attention to cultivating our traditions. We noticed the most similarities between Poland and Croatian culture during our last trip to Slavonia.

You are working with the Croatian Tourist Board, how did that come about?

It all started in 2015 when we won a trip to Dubrovnik in the #ShareCroatia competition organized by the Croatian Tourist Board. Since then, we have had great contact with CTB in Warsaw and Zagreb. We met many wonderful people who helped us fall in love with Croatia. Cooperation with them is a great pleasure for us.

What are your plans for the future?

We will spend almost all of September in Croatia. In the beginning, we will spend a week in Slavonia with other influencers. This trip is the second part of the #VisitSlavonia #ShareSlavonia campaign organized by the Croatian Tourist Board. In mid-September, we will visit the region of Međimurje and Varaždin. This trip is also organized by the Croatian Tourist Board. The last week of September we will spend while sailing with other ambassadors of the Yachtic  – yacht chartering company.

Would you think of moving to live in Croatia?

Our adventure with Croatia began in Dalmatia, we fell in love with this wonderful region. One day, we will settle in the Konavle region.

We love Dalmatia, we gave it to our hearts but Croatia is not only Dalmatia and the Adriatic coast.

Regions that are overlooked by tourists deserve more attention. The Croatian Tourist Board, blogs, portals and magazines such as Croatia Week should focus more strongly on the promotion of northern and north-eastern regions. Zagorje, Međimurje, Slavonia, Baranja and Srijem regions are magical!

Culture, nature, landscapes, people, food – everything is perfect there and deserves tourist attention.

Poles usually rush to the Adriatic, completely forgetting about the beautiful lands of Zagorje and Slavonia. Our goal is to make sure our readers know how beautiful Zagorje and Slavonia is and encourage them to visit it at least for a couple of days. It’s sure worth it!

We are already receiving signals that some people are going to visit these regions after reading our articles. We are happy to help with promoting the beautiful Croatian regions.

You can check out the blog here.


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