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Meet Justin Chan & Croatia Travel in Hong Kong

A Hong Kong native who has dedicated the last few years of his life to promoting Croatia, is now running a newly opened travel agency specific for travel to Croatia in Hong Kong…

Justin Chan is now in charge of Croatia Travel, a new travel agency dedicated to Croatia travel which has just opened in Hong Kong.

Justin’s passion for Croatia started back in 2006 when he met a Croatian girl in Hong Kong and they became friends. Two years later in early 2008, she invited Justin to visit Croatia, and that is when the love-affair with the country started really started.

Justin says that it was not just the fantastic nature and beaches which made him fall in love with the place.

“What impressed me was that my Croatian friends and the people were friendly to me from the heart and they always want to do more for you than you expected,” Justin explains. “As a Catholic, I am also more than happy feeling the atmosphere here in Croatia,” he adds.

Croatia left such an impression on Justin that he set about enthusiastically promoting the country in Hong Kong.

Justin has been promoting Croatia passionately

Justin has been promoting Croatia passionately

In 2010 Justin established his own company in Hong Kong named Croatia Development Co. Limited, which was coincidentally Incorporated on 25 June – Croatian Statehood Day. At the time, he worked with one Croatian friend and started with a website in both Chinese and English language that was recognized by Croatian Tourist Board.

Justin then had an opportunity to cooperate with some Croatian Destination Management Companies (DMC). He started travel planner work for those Free Independent Travellers from Hong Kong, as well as overseas Chinese travellers with the brand name of Croatia Independent Travellers.

This work allured more people to travel to Croatia with support of local DMCs.

“In the past four years, on one side, I worked for my full-time job as an occupational safety & health officer. On another side, I spent almost all my free time for travel planning to my clients, l love this work or I say I never see this as work because I love this deeply, especially when my client’s give feedback to me how they love Croatia,”Justin says.

Croatia Travel website

Croatia Travel website

In the autumn of 2014, Croatian Destination Management Company ATI d.o.o. from Pula, who specialise in developing the Chinese Market in tourism, came across Justin in Hong Kong. Croatia Travel, which is owned by ATI, got the approval of the Travel Agency License in Hong Kong on 24 December 2015.

“What is amazing to me is that our company in Hong Kong was incorporated on 25 June and the Travel Agency License was granted on 24 December, which I realized this is a Christmas gift to us. Now, I hope more people will promote Croatia after they have a stunning tour there, and then more people go to Croatia”, Justin concluded.

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