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Mediterranean Cycle Route to Pass Through Coastal Croatia

Mediterranean cycle route (Photo: Tour of Croatia)

The Mediterranean cycle route, which is considered potentially to be one of the largest cycling tourism routes, will run through 11 countries, including Croatia.

The EU-funded cycling route, valued at 2.58 million euros, of which 278,000 is intended for Croatia, will go from Cadiz in Spain, through France, Italy and Croatia to Greece and Cyprus.

The route runs east-west across Europe mainly along or close to the Mediterranean coast, passing successively through 11 countries: Spain, France, Monaco, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Greece, and Cyprus.

The Mediterranean cycle route will go through all seven Croatian coastal counties and go down the entire length of the Croatian coast. The route in Croatia had been examined but was yet to be confirmed exactly where it will go.

(Photo: Tour of Croatia)

All important destinations near the route would be included in planning and alternative routes to attractive tourism sites would be offered.

“We will design brochures and a website giving a clear description of all turn-offs from the route, and we will also include transport companies and ferry services. We want to provide a wide range of interesting information so that cyclists can decide for themselves what they want to see,” Lidija Miscin from the Croatian Tourist Board said.

The purpose of the project is to encourage through cycling the development of sustainable coastal and maritime transport on the Mediterranean and last week in Dubrovnik a workshop was held.

(Photo: Tour of Croatia)

An EU Parliament study shows that annual revenue from cycling tourism in the European Union is 44 billion euros. By comparison, revenue from cruise tourism is 39 billion euros.

“Croatia has a fantastic climate for year-round tourism. Cycling tourism would help reduce the seasonality of tourism and would attract tourists to other destinations,” Ranko Milic of the CEDRA company, another Croatian partner in the project, said.

The project was launched in February 2017 and lasts until February 2020. After workshops with key local stakeholders, a Mediterranean Cycle Route development strategy will be prepared and the route marked, Hina reported.

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