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Marko Velić joins Photomath from Facebook 

Marko Velić joins Photomath from Facebook

Marko Velić and the AI team at Photomath (Photo: Martina Cvek)

Significant reinforcement in the Photomath team whose mathematical application of the same name has more than 220 million users 

Marko Velić has joined the team of the world’s most popular mathematical application, Zagreb-based Photomath, as the leader of the team for the development of artificial intelligence. 

Velić has extensive experience in the field of artificial intelligence and the application of machine learning. He worked for the Facebook Machine Learning team in London for the last two years, while before that he was the head of the machine learning team at Styria.AI for four years. 

With this acquisition, Photomath confirms its intention to attract a growing number of renowned engineers, web and mobile application development experts and machine learning. Since developing the app in 2014, the company has grown to over 100 employees, while the number of users has exceeded an incredible 220 million. 

“I have been following Photomath for years and I know that it has all the prerequisites for success – a top product, an exceptional team and an excellent understanding of the market and business. Since the field of machine learning in solving mathematics is still insufficiently researched, Photomath is an ideal ‘playground’ for research and work in the field of artificial intelligence,” says Velić, who is previously known to the Croatian tech and business public for his achievements in the field of artificial intelligence. which he received his doctorate, and is the author of several patents. 

Marko Velić joins Photomath from Facebook

Marko Velić (Photo: Martina Cvek)

Damir Sabol, founder and CEO of Photomath, adds that the main factor in their global success is extremely talented employees eager to learn in a stimulating atmosphere. “Our ambitions continue to grow and our goal is to invest in the development of artificial intelligence technologies that will be the foundation for hitherto unimaginable learning application possibilities. Bringing Marko Velić from Facebook is a significant step towards that goal, as well as the future acquisition of top AI engineers on the Croatian market,” concludes Sabol. 

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