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London City Back “Revolutionary” Croatian Startup

CroatiaLondon-based Croatian start-up company Bouxtie.com [bou – tai] have in record time captured the attention of the world’s leading retailers and investors thanks to its revolutionary application that lets you send and receive various gifts anywhere in the world via mobile phones and Internet sites.

“London city office have offered us investment grants amounting to £250,000 in order for us to start our project and stay in London, they enabled us to open our company in only three hours and helped find free office space. It’s really a great feeling to be part of such a system. In addition, we have so far received more than 500,000 euros investment from the Bank of New York in Luxembourg that supports companies like ours. The value of our company is currently estimated at 10 million euros, while the projected turnover for 2014 is around 180 million euros.” said Renato Librić, founder and CEO of Bouxtie.

The way Bouxtie works: You’re in Croatia and your friend in London knows that you have a birthday coming up so via the Bouxtie application they can select a country (eg. Croatia) and the city (eg. Zagreb) and one of nine categories (fashion, cosmetics, IT, sports, etc.). Then they can select one of the offered brands (eg. H & M, Zara, etc.). The gift will be received by the recipient on their mobile in the way of a personalised video message or text or email with a coupon that can be redeemed at any store in the world carrying the brand or gift sent.

Bouxtie.com’s quick success has seen its application make its way into the prestigious competition for the best start-up company that will take place at the upcoming Web Summit in Dublin from 30-31 October.

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