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Liana – The Croatian App Connecting Millions of Expats

lianaA mobile application created in Croatia is helping connect millions of expats all over the world in just a few clicks…

Liana is a new geo-targeted app which helps you connect with people of your nationality and/or language near you while abroad. Whether you are an Irishman looking for a fellow Irishman in New York, a Canadian looking for a countryman in New Zealand, or a Croatian looking to connect with another Croatian in Qatar, Liana enables you to view more than 216 million expat and business travellers profiles and chat and connect with them.

The Liana app has been downloaded by expats in more than 100 countries so far.

“Logging in to Liana is very simple, you can use your Facebook profile or via an email address. Then you can search for users in the city you are in via nationality or by language which you speak. In just a few clicks you are able then to send a direct message to other users. Liana is like Whatsapp for expats,” creator Krešimir Drvar told Monitor.hr.

Users tag themselves under three categories – location, country of origin and language spoken – which enables quicker and more practical searches. Users can then exchange free SMS messages. The application is free and an Android version is also in the making.


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