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Lexicon of Croatian emigration and minorities published

ZAGREB, Oct 21 (Hina) – A Lexicon of Croatian Emigration and Minorities, edited by Vlado Sakic and Ljiljana Dobrovsak, was presented at the Croatian Heritage Foundation (HMI) in Zagreb on Wednesday.

The director of the Ivo Pilar Institute for Social Sciences, Zeljko Holjevac, said that the Lexicon is a source of verified information about the history of the Croatian people in migration and added that its publishers tried to reach as many individuals and groups who were in some way responsible for creating that leg of the temporary culture of the encounter on a global level.

The project was commissioned by the HMI and completed with research done by the Ivo Pilar Institute.

Emigrants have often identified their families, origins and their planetary distribution, Croatian society and the state as well as national historiography, he said and added that these all reflect their times in dynamic historical and political circumstances.

“We witnessed the national reconciliation of all Croats in the common struggle for independence of our Homeland during the Homeland War in the 1990s as the crown of a thousand years of yearning for freedom by the dispersed Croatian community,” he said.

Croatian emiragtion lexicon

(Ivo Pilar Institute)

HMI director Mijo Maric underscored that the printed edition of the Lexicon comprises 1,096 pages with 3464 entries and that this is a unique achievement in lexicography with a comprehensive description of the phenomena of Croatian migrations from the Modern age to this day with particular emphasis on migrations in the 19th and 20th centuries and covers movements, organisations, events and people in 45 countries around the world.

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