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Korčula’s Famous Moreška Dance Goes Rock

The project “LIVE GROW FLOURISH” continues on the 8th of July at 21h in Korcula with a concert and a dance spectacle combining tradition and contemporary – “Moreška & Rolin Humes”.

At this unique event, in front of an abandoned thermal power station next to the ferry port Dominče, the people of Korčula and their guests will see the premiere of the „Rock“ Moreška, an ancient sword dance accompanied by the pop / rock / blues quartet Rolin Humes, which in a short time gained the epithet, by many people and music critics, as one of the most significant musical refreshment in recent years, not only in Croatia but also in the region. After the performance of the Moreška, Rolin Humes will also hold a solo concert.

Rolin Humes launched their project “Live Grow Flourish” in 2016, which through collaboration with various traditional and folklore ensambles and local communities aims to revive and adapt abandoned and failed industrial facilities and set up workshops and education to develop the local community.

Since the lead vocalist and pianist of the band ,Robert James Hudulin, comes from Brna, a small place on the island Korčula, it was logical that the project will come to this island at one point.

This happened after the Moreška Korčula Cultural Art Society (shortened Moreška – Korcula), which last year marked the 350th year since the first known written mention of the Moreška, with enthusiasm accepted the band’s offer for joint performance with the new pop / rock / blues soundtrack for this impressive sword dance whose author is Robert James Hudulin.

Otherwise, the sword dance Moreška was once performed throughout the Mediterranean, and today it can only be seen in Korčula, where it is performed for more than 400 years.

They usually dance to the music that was composed by the Croatian composer Krsto Odak for the brass band. In collaboration with Croatian Baroque Ensemble and the music composed by Ivan Josip Skender, for the sixth consecutive year Moreška – Korčula also performs the „Baroque“ Moreška as part of the Korkyra Baroque Festival.Entry to this event, thanks to the support of the City of Korčula, will not be charged, but voluntary funds will be collected for the organization of a series of workshops on the theme “Social-Cultural Centers in the Development of Island Development”.

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