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‘Jail Birdie’..Croatian Politician Sharpens Golf Game up in Prison

24sataA photo published on the front page of Croatian daily 24sata on Wednesday showing former Croatian Deputy Prime Minister Radimir Čačić playing a leisurely round of golf would not be that unusual if it were not that the former politician is currently serving a prison sentence.

Čačić was snapped playing golf, whilst prison guards and staff looked in. The shot looked more like one from a holiday resort than of a person serving an 11 month jail sentence.

“Ha..ha, unbelievable. I have been in jail but this I have not seen anywhere,” one former inmate told the daily. “He practices hitting balls for two hours. Often he has a crowd watching his skills with the club as the guards and others look on,” he said.

Last year a Hungarian court ordered that Cacic serve half of his 22-month suspended prison sentence inside. Cacic was sentenced originally in June 2012 to a suspended sentence of 1-year and 9 months jail for causing death after a traffic accident in 2010 in Hungary.

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