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Jägermeister Most Sold Imported Alcoholic Drink in Croatia

(Photo: Jägermeister)

Nearly one million bottles of Jägermeister were sold in Croatia last year, making it the most sold imported alcoholic drink in the country.

Importers G3 Spirits sold a massive 893,031 0.7L bottles of Jägermeister in Croatia in the last financial year, confirming its position as the leading imported alcoholic drink in Croatia over the last decade.

To show just how much Croatian love Jägermeister, more than 300,000 bottles of the herb and spice digestif were sold than the next biggest imported alcoholic drink in Croatia.

An important role in retaining its popularity on the Croatian market last year was the new communication platform ‘Your Jägermeister. Your Story, featuring a redesigned bottle, a new label and a refreshed logo, Tportal reports.

Specially designed bottle for Euro 2016 (Photo: Jägermeister)

The campaign was the basis for complete communication with consumers, making them aware that Jägermeister was with them regardless of the occasion, the situation and the kind of entertainment they chose, but at the same time offering a number of innovative and unique activities for the Croatian market and projects that will continue in 2018.

Today Jägermeister is available in 135 countries.

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