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Jägermeister-Gate: Sacked Croat Coach Speaks Out

The Croatian football coach who was sacked recently after reportedly stealing the credit card from the wallet of one of his players and going out and buying 36 1 litre bottles of the liquor Jägermeister has spoken out.

Josip (Jozo) Gaspar, the former Dinamo Zagreb legend, says that he did not know he was using a stolen credit card and immediately returned the money the following day. He believes he had been set up.

“The credit card was given to me buy a guy who owed me money. I did not know the card had been stolen from one of our players,” said Gaspar (40).

Gaspar has been reported to the police for stealing the credit card of one his players at NK Precko Matija Havidic (29) during a league match, and buying 36 bottles of  Jägermeister.

“It is true. I went to the shop and purchased 36 bottles of Jägermeistera, but I did not know that the card had been stolen. I really don’t know why they gave me that card. I live a hundred metres from that shop, I know they have CCTV cameras there. Everyone knows me there too. You think I would risk my image in that way,” said Gaspar, reported 24sata, before adding.

“As soon as I found out it was stolen I returned 4500 kuna to Havidic. I suspect someone has set me up. I don’t want to publically mention any names until I get advice from my lawyer,” said Gaspar.

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