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Istrian Restaurants to Showcase Adriatic Squid

Good news for lovers of seafood lovers as Adriatic squid days is set to be held in Istria, Croatia for 6 weeks starting next week…

Days of Adriatic Squid will be taking place from 1 December 2015 – 10 January 2016 at restaurants accross north-west Istria. Restaurants will be offering affordable full course menus based on Adriatic squid, combined with quality local olive oil and fine wines.

This gourmet manifestation, apart from providing an additional motive for tourists to visit north-west Istria over the Christmas holidays, aims to promote the remarkable squid from the Adriatic Sea, which is hunted just in winter period. It will also raise awareness of the squids value in the kitchen and encourage caterers to devise new and creative recipes based on this sea food.

From a cheap, almost despised food, squid are on the Adriatic coast in the last half century have turned into a favorite specialty. They have a delicate taste of the sea and are an exquisite medium for different flavors. They can be treated aggressively, with vinegar, hot peppers and aromatic herbs, and gently, with a few drops of lemon and a bit of chives.

Small, thin and soft squid are better for baking whole, while those big thick suited to prepare meals which require long cooking, where it is well to cut or nick the inside. They are especially appreciated if they are caught with a special hook, so called “peškafonda”, instead with a fishing net.


Astarea – Ronkova 9, Brtonigla
Badi – Umaška 12, Lovrečica
Buščina – Buščina 18, Umag
Gatto nero – Zidine 10, Novigrad
Igor – Kaštel 120e, Buje
Melon – Bujska 11, Umag
Mulino – Škrile 75 a, Buje
Navigare – Sv. Anton 15, Novigrad
Nono – Umaška 35, Umag
Pergola – Sunčana 2, Umag
Rondo – Trg J.B.T. 4, Buje
San Bendetto – Dajla 35, Novigrad
Santa Andrea – Savudrija bb, Savudrija
Toni – Siparska 8, Savudrija
Vila Vilola – Umaška 2 a, Savudrija


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